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Thanks to our 2016 Volunteers!

Thanks to our 2016 Volunteers!

Our USA Dance chapter recently hosted Volunteer Appreciation Night to honor the many volunteers without whom our dances would not happen. Chapter President Anna Watkins explained just how essential our volunteers are:

We are especially grateful to the many volunteers who help us to make our dance parties and other events happen. There are lots of you! USA Dance is powered by volunteers, and we have some of the best. You are the folks who come early or stay late — sometimes both — to make our parties fun and welcoming for all. We know that we can count on you month after month, using your different talents and preferences, to bring your heart and soul into this effort. We hope that you have also benefited from feeling the sense of belonging and contribution that you receive when you volunteer. We also see that many of you build and deepen relationships by being part of "the crew" that helps.
— Anna Watkins

Our 2016 Volunteers, in alphabetical order, are: Marfo Akuoku, Pilar Alcazar, Cora Bajune, Lynne Bombach, Patsy Carper, James Chavez, Lonnie Chavez, Selma Chavez, Dom Ciccone, and Juanito Clemena;

Rosalin Cohen, Maria Colella, Sam Connolly, Zinas Crooks, Everett Farr, Phuong-Nga Farr, Leonard Fechter, Claudia Fluegge, Lou Fuchs, and Kevin Heck;

Annie Irizari, Kathryn Ivanova, Ralph Kelly, Sonia Key, Alexa MacFarlane, Gregory McIntosh, Andrew Nelson, Christopher O'Connor, Barry Paur, and Jewel Paur;

Larry Rinehart, Loretta Rothstein, Mitch Rothstein, DeAnn Rushing, Dennis Rushing, Paul Stepenaskie, Lisa Stifel, Eileen Tenn, Thomas Thomas, and Sue Thorson;

Tsosie Tsinhnahjinnie, Claude Valles, Bronwyn Willis, Kathy Wolf, Fay Yao, and Dick Yeck.