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Thanks to our 2017 Volunteers

Thanks to our 2017 Volunteers

Our USA Dance chapter recently honored our volunteers for 2017, who helped with the many tasks required to keep our all-volunteer organization dancing throughout the year.

"And are we lucky!" said Anna Watkins, chapter president. "Our chapter has many wonderful people who are willing to step up and do many things that need to get done." These include setting up and cleaning up, providing refreshments, teaching our "beginner beginner" classes, serving as DJs for each party, checking in and welcoming guests, assisting with Dancing@Work classes, and much more. "We value everyone who helps, and we owe a big 'thank you' to them," Anna added.

Our 2017 volunteers, in alphabetical order, are Marfo Akuoku, Antonio Aldana, Cora Bajune, Lynne Bombach, Patsy Carper, Shirley Chavez, Dom Ciccone, Juanito Clemena, Maria Colella, and Sam Connolly;

Zinas Crooks, Everett Farr. Phuong-Nga Farr, Leonard Fechter, Claudia Fluegge, Louis Fuchs, Sarah Hartshorne, Kevin Heck, Ruth Horowitz, and Annie Irirzari;

Kathryn Ivanova, Ralph Kelly, Sonia Key, Carmelita Lopez, Alexa MacFarlane, Lisa Mondy, Andrew Nelson, Christopher O'Connor, Catherine Palmeri, Barry Paur;

Jewel Paur, Perry Pedersen, Benjamin Porter, Larry Rinehart, Loretta Rothstein, Mitch Rothstein, Esther Roybal, DeAnn Rushing, Dennis Rushing, and James Schreiber; and

Paul Stepenaskie, Marie Stoffer, Eileen Tenn, Thomas Thomas, Sue Thorson, Anthony Torres, Tsosie Tsinhnahjinnie, Bronwyn Willis, Kathy Wolf and Sam Young.

The board of Chapter ##5047 are also volunteers who spend a lot of time on USA Dance projects. Chapter officers in 2017 were Anna Watkins, president; Michael Sanchez, vice president; Mitzi Condit, secretary; and Josie Tennant, treasurer. Directors at Large are Beth Ciccone, Susan Harper, Doug McClellan, Khondeh Mirshek, and Kathleen Sanchez.